Monday, January 07, 2013

I realize I am a horrible blogger. I am the same on Facebook. I don't post a lot of personal stuff on either because I guess I like to keep my private life private - but that sure leads to a rather boring blog - doesn't it? One that's just filled with fluff and not much else. Kinda made me wonder why I was keeping a blog in the first place. So... that being said, I thought I would change things up a little and actually write what's going on. I just found out that a a good friend of mine - her Father is really sick. I had no idea and it makes me sad to not have known and now to realize that he doesn't have much time left. I'm upset with myself for not being there for my friend and for not knowing. I am rectifying this today! I also am feeling a bit down because I'm watching this movie I downloaded called: "Inheritance". It's about a woman who's father was a Commander in Nazi Germany and he killed many people. The woman meets with one of the survivors of that time later in life and it's so sad to see the guilt she feels for something that was completely out of her control. I think a lot of people who are criminals forget to think about the impact their actions bring upon their children. What a sad time in our history. I guess I need to read/watch more uplifting things! :) Anyway - I guess that's not fluff so I feel better now. Ha. I've been making some frivolous fun for my shop for Valentine's Day lately. It's hard to move on after Christmas, but once I make the break I am usually happier. My house is very clean too - no more pine needles! :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ready for Fall

Are you all ready for fall the way I am? I am tired of the hot temperatures and ready for crunchy leaves, the smell of apple crisp and pumpkins! This weekend we went to the fair - here's my daughter obliging me for another photo op in front of their fall display near the agricultural exhibit.
And this guy was getting all his wool cut off. His face is so funny!
And here's what I've been working on in my studio for fall. I have already made so many things - I have been keeping busy!
I just made these Halloween houses this weekend. I love both Halloween and have a house fetish - so these kill two birds for me.
What have all of you been working on? Happy early fall! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy Summer

How is everyone's summer going? At first ours started off slow and the kids and I were just happy to lay around and not have anywhere to go. But things have picked up a bit now and it seems like there's something to do every other evening. We've seen a lot of wildlife right close to the house and on our travels. Just yesterday we saw a mother deer cross the road - do a little jump kick - and behind her was her little fawn. Just beautiful! And this little guy comes to our hummingbird feeder and drinks from the flowers or eats the oranges I put out for the orioles. Isn't he cute? There is this one - my daughter named him:"Chippy," and the other one is: "Steve." Ha.
Our cat loves to watch them through the window. Here she is with her tongue out. Funny!
What did you do for July 4th? We didn't do too much but we had family over which was nice. I have done a lot of reconnecting with family which is so important to me. Here's a picture of the cake I made which was devoured in minutes! :)
I have been super busy in my studio making all kinds of things. I've had a very crafty summer and can't seem to find enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do there. Here's a shot of the messiness!
What have you been busy with this summer?

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bits and Pieces Swap

Hello everyone - What a crazy week I've had. Today we had people over all day - celebrating my son and my nephew's birthdays. It was lots of fun and we did a lot of chatting. Yesterday I went on an all-day field trip to the coast to explore tide pools. Very fun but exhausting with lots of second and first-graders! I am so looking forward to summer so I can do absolutely nothing! But I had to just log on now and post some pictures of a super fun swap I did, called the "Bits and Pieces Swap." It was hosted by my dear friend Joyce, and I'd do anything for her! :) She matched me up with a partner named, Jo and below you can see the wonderful art board she sent me. Isn't it awesome! I told her that I loved birds and bird watching and she designed this for me.
As you can see I've already hung it up in my studio. Every time my daughter walks by she touches the little owl pendant! She loves it too!
Here is the one I made for Jo, below. She said that she liked dogs and flowers. I used vintage dog images that I thought were so pretty! I also got a little carried away with the glitter!....
Thank you Jo and Joyce for this fun opportunity. :) Also - want to give a shout out to my son who is turning the big FOURTEEN this week! He is wonderful and makes me proud. Growing up before my eyes and over six feet tall - I am blessed. :) Have a great week everyone! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Weekend and a Giveaway!

What a beautiful weekend - I spent a lot of time outside enjoying the green grass and cookouts and being treated like a queen for Mother's Day! My daughter rubbed my feet and gave me a pedicure. Doesn't get much better than that. I also got to watch the birds - particularly the hummingbirds and orioles and watch my cats climb the trees and chase chipmunks. Life is good! :)
Enter to win a fabulous neon giveaway over at Knitty Bitties! Andrea has put together a great prize package featuring a bundle of goodies including some of my flowers and a cute birdie sachet! Check it out here: Knitty Bitties
and enter to win!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Something Sweet

So, I made a purchase last month and I've been meaning to share it here so you can all see how cute it is. I bought this from Nina's Fairy Girls in a Jar on Etsy. You have to check it out! Nina is a ten year old girl in 4th grade, and she makes these adorable fairies in her shop. I found her through her mother Michelle's shop: Kool Kits on Etsy. She makes adorable kids' artwork kits. Both of these ladies are extremely pleasant to deal with and my package was very well wrapped - a real treat to receive. If you need an excellent gift for someone special - check them out! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Haven't posted in a while and I'm trying to get back into being a regular poster. How's things with everyone? We are enjoying a very interesting winter here in New England this year, with cold temperatures one day, and then near 50's another day. I am not complaining! Snow shoveling gets tiring!
I wanted to share a project I did for Say It With Letters this month in honor of Valentine's Day. It's a set of five butterfly shapes and I did them all in pinks and blacks. I really like the way they came out. If you're interested in doing some of your own, check out this site:Say It With Letters
I have also been very busy planning for our PTO's Winterfest Craft Fair and Kids' festival at my daughter's school. This year I am organizing the crafters' spaces and helping with the raffle baskets. A lot to keep me busy! Also - here's some projects I've been working on between the laundry and house cleaning. Ahh.. I'm dreaming of spring!