Saturday, October 16, 2010

Check out "Say It With Letters"!

Hi Everyone -
Today I just wanted to tell everyone about a fabulous company I have been doing business with for the last couple of years - Say It With Letters! If you're a crafter like me, then you love painting and altering things, -- right? Well, this company sells unfinished shapes and big letters that you will be dying to get your hands on to create with!
Check out some of these shapes!

Here's some of the fun things you can create with them!

I have been lucky enough to have a coveted spot on the Damboise Design / Say It With Letters Design team for a while, and the owner, Deb, is super friendly and easy to work with! They are coming out with new shapes all the time, and you can custom order children's names or practically any letter in any font or size you want to hang on your wall! Check out her Etsy shop here: Say It With Letters!

Here's a link to check out the blog: Say It With Letters too!