Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Something New

So I have a new project to share today, and it's not a card! :) Isn't this album the cutest? It's called a bracket album and it's a kit from Say It With Letters.
It comes with the album, papers and fun embellishments (which I love!) and there was even a lot left over for other projects. Everything coordinated beautifully - you really should go check it out and get one for yourself.

These next two projects are also from Say It With Letters. The tree is a Maya Road chipboard album that I made into a little wall hanging. This project uses darling Say It With Letters shapes. I altered each one and then made a background and grouped them all together. I love how it looks on my studio wall.
And this last project was something my daughter and I did together. A good friend of mine gave me some fresh lavender from her garden and we sewed it into these cute little pillows. She sleeps with hers under her bed pillow because I'd read somewhere that it helps when you can't sleep. I'll turn my daughter into a crafter yet - and get her to sleep! :) Hope you're all enjoying your week!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The rain finally stopped!

It sure has been rainy here - storm after storm. This August feels more like April or October. But today it is finally sunny - the pick of the week, the weatherman says. I got some new supplies recently and have been having fun making new little things. Have you noticed how everything has a bow? I guess I am going through a bow phase. But it has made me use up some of my ribbon - I have a LOT of ribbon! And I love it almost as much as I love buttons. Ha. And I'd sort of forgotten about it because I have so much and just threw it all into a tangled mess in a bin. So it's good to use it, right???

This is a picture of my two bestest friends. We have lots of pictures like this, and they always make me smile. What would I do without my girl friends? Go insane, I think!
And as you can see - I've been in a fall mood lately. My favorite time of year here in New England. I love making Halloween cards - I always loved Halloween as a kid, and it still continues today. Anyone else out there getting ready for fall?

Monday, August 04, 2008

More Cards!

Wow - what a fun and busy weekend we had. My kids had a yard sale and a lemonade stand. I did lots of moving boxes and hauling our old junk around. The good news is, though, that for once, we actually sold a lot of the stuff and got it out of the house! It was great seeing it go to people who could use it and not having to take it all to the recycling center. Plus my son was very happy to get all that money to save for his next video game system!
Here's some cards I made this week using some new kit supplies as well as some vintage yard sale trim! Anyone else love yard sales as much as I do??