Friday, May 28, 2010

Pretty Stuff from My Garden

Hey Everyone -
Enjoying your summer? I am super excited to have a three-day weekend this weekend and enjoy some time with my family. What a nice warm May we've had this year. Everything is in bloom - I took some pictures yesterday of all the color around our house. And my daughter is my favorite flower! :)

Every year my husband tries to throw away my garden rabbit because he's broken - but I love him - broken feet and all! He's not going anywhere!
I hope you enjoy Memorial Day with your families! :)

Ooh! Trinkets is also doing a big giveaway - a huge set of many varieties of my handmade flowers in a cute zippered bag! Check out my friend Michelle's blog to enter! Michelle Philippi. I hope you win! :)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Feeling Grateful

So things have finally taken a turn for the better around here and warmed up! About five days ago it snowed, but today was over 80 degrees. I kid you not! New England is known for it's weird weather.

But I am always so happy at this time - everything looks so beautiful all around me and I find I value the simple things more. I love the colors too - the trees with their balled up leaves like pom poms in the sun, and all the flowers! Here's my kids enjoying the animals at a local farm nearby.

This weather also inspires me to create new things! Happy spring, everyone!