Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wild Strawberries

Look what my daughter and I have noticed this year - growing in our yard all on their own - wild strawberries. I saw them earlier this spring near the driveway side of our house and decided not to mow them, and today the little patch actually had ripe berries on it. My daughter, the gardener, helped me pick them and has been eating them all morning. So pretty and so tiny!

And I hope my Mom is reading this post! I have been doing quite a bit of sewing lately - all on the sewing machine she gave me a few years ago. I have been buying little pretty bits of fabric and I'm having fun coming up with things to make with them. Now - I'm not a very talented sewer - but I sure do enjoy it. Here's a pillow cover that I made.
And here's a little lined tote bag. I am so proud of myself because I never made anything that was lined before!

And now I'm off to post some new creations on my Etsy site Trinkets - hand-painted button hairpins. Aren't they funky?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Button-Eyed Creatures! Oh My!

Hey - check out this cool creature! She's "Farnesworth" and is a creation made by Anne of Creatures Northwest. Farnesworth's eyes are made from my Trinkets' hand painted buttons - stacked one on top of the other. Isn't this the neatest use for buttons? I think so!

Anne was super nice and right after she ordered, my daughter and I had to immediately go check out her site. Look at all these other funky creations! We wanted one of each! You have to get yourself over there, and of course, get some funky buttons for your own creations at Trinkets.

And new this week - another mixed media birdhouse! I just can't get enough of birds and bird houses! :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Help! I Have Cute Plastic Bin Disorder!

Ha. This morning as I looked at my very messy studio desk, I realized that I couldn't get any work done because my desk was cluttered with yet more tins and plastic bins that I got at Target this week. Does anyone else share my affliction? I tell myself that I "NEED" them to organize my craft stuff, but soon I think I am going to "need" a new room to organize my craft bins and buckets! But I just love them - I love their bold shiny colors and junk-holding ability. Look what a mess I have going on in my studio! They don't seem to be doing their job.
On another note, check out this cool critter I saw this week - he is a Pileated Woodpecker. Huge and beautiful and not something you see every day. He actually let me walk up fairly close to him to get this shot. Cool!

Also - new ribbon flowers for sale in my shop this week - check them out! Trinkets.
Okay - off to fill some bins. :)