Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's me....

I don't think anyone reads my blog much anymore! I know I have neglected it. :( I guess it's not my fault that my real life keeps me just so darn busy! I have been gearing up for a holiday craft fair that's next week. I made a lot of new pieces and also had a lot of other things to sell, but nothing was packaged or priced. That takes a lot of time! I couldn't believe it. And, since our PTO is sponsoring it, it's a lot of sign-making and organizing for me. I am looking forward to it and all the holidays bring. I am a Christmas girl! Here's a few of the projects I've been working on lately. Fabric Christmas Ornament Balls - super cute, scrappy and fun!
And lots more pillow ornaments - I have a house fetish!
Lots of wreaths too!
Tomorrow the kids have the day off and I am so excited to get to chillax for a little while and just be with them and not be driving to school and back or running errands. Enjoy your weekend! :)