Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birds and Butterflies

These past two weeks have flown by! How many activities can you cram into each day? I am starting to wonder. But the weather has been so beautiful and everything is buzzing with life - I can't complain. My daughter wants to spend nearly every waking hour outside so that's where we've been. Making sand box castles, chasing butterflies and picking dandelions. It's a wonderful time - 5 years old is a fun age.
And it's been fun getting outside and doing different types of crafts. Ones inspired from nature and taking outdoor photographs. I love natural light.

Hope all of you are enjoying the spring! I'll be posting again soon with some new projects! Send me links of what you're working on!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here at last! This week the weather has been beautiful and there are only traces of snow left in our yard. I went and bought some of these colorful pansies today on the first day the farm store in town opened.
Speaking of our store - these are pictures of Tenney Farm here in Antrim - they were nice enough to again sell my greeting cards this season. Stop in if you're in the area - they're right on Rt. 202.
And I just had to share this picture of my poor cat. His name is Badger and he is the most wonderful, relaxed cat. He was playing with the kids and they did this to him but he didn't even care! I had to snap a photo!

And this is just one new kit for sale in my Etsy shop, Trinkets. I have more to add today and tomorrow - I think they are so cute! Check them out here.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I love color!

I have been super happy this week - despite the fact that both my poor kiddos have been quite sick. They are starting to get better - so that inspires me. Plus - everything outside is gradually starting to green up. Green is my favorite color! The snow is melting away and every day my daughter and I go out and count the tulips popping up through the muddy earth. We are very happy it's spring in New England!
And look at this - my friend and neighbor brought this by and left it in my porch yesterday. It's a small cupboard that she painted a greenish blue color. She's moving currently and is sending things my way - this is the third small cupboard she's given me this week. How did she know that I have a thing for cupboards/cabinets? Thank you, Kristen! I'm sure she's too busy now to read my post, but I want her to know that I love her offerings and I really appreciate it. And look what I put inside - it's a great place to house and display my new Trinkets merchandise! I love all the colors and I enjoy having things displayed there.
I have been having a blast making new colorful things for my Etsy shop and also using them in my own layouts. And spring is great picture-taking time - this weekend is the town Easter Egg Hunt!