Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas on Halloween

So, my daughter thinks I'm nuts, working on Christmas cards on the day of Halloween. But I love the holidays so much that I start working/decorating for Halloween in late August, and then I've already moved on to Christmas halfway through October. Yeah, I guess I am a bit strange. But I love it!

Here's some cards I did for a local shop, and just for the sheer joy of creating. Also mixed in here are some designs I did for Say It With Letters , my favorite holiday shop, right now! Go and check out all her cute kits, shapes and letters. I'll have more projects coming soon to show you, including a new cookie sheet advent calendar for Christmas. Happy Halloween! Ha ha...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Been Busy

I have been so busy lately with - life, I guess - that I haven't had as much time for creating. And after a while, I really start to feel bottled up and frustrated, so it's good when I can do any little thing with color and pattern, and then I feel better. :)

I've also been trying to finish up this summer book I made so that I can start working on a fall mini-book. I used my Zutter binder to create this and I love the way you can punch holes in a lot of different things and then bind it all together. Fun stuff.

I've also been trying to do more scrapbooking lately - this summer I made so many cards but not so many layouts. I'm trying to be better about journaling and documenting things in words instead of just pictures!

I tried my hand again at one of these metal cookie-sheet calendars. I did one last year after I was inspired by Teresa McFayden's version, but mine never gets as good as hers. Still, I enjoyed making all the little Halloweeny dates and trying to come up with more clever ideas. My kids love to play endlessly with all the little magnets.

Oh! And I added a few little pincushions to my Trinkets shop if you're interested! Too much fun to make! Have a great week!