Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas on Halloween

So, my daughter thinks I'm nuts, working on Christmas cards on the day of Halloween. But I love the holidays so much that I start working/decorating for Halloween in late August, and then I've already moved on to Christmas halfway through October. Yeah, I guess I am a bit strange. But I love it!

Here's some cards I did for a local shop, and just for the sheer joy of creating. Also mixed in here are some designs I did for Say It With Letters , my favorite holiday shop, right now! Go and check out all her cute kits, shapes and letters. I'll have more projects coming soon to show you, including a new cookie sheet advent calendar for Christmas. Happy Halloween! Ha ha...


Lisa said...

Very nice sis ! love the Christmas tree and cards. I'm making candles today. It's about time since I have had the tote of supplies in the kitchen and it's not a small tote ! I just need some more supplies and then I will be making more. Love ya !

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Laurie,
I found your blog ! It was so nice meeting you and Deb at the TPS Open House last week. Hopefully our paths will cross again in person some day soon.

Lovely Christmas cards ! I especially love the merry christmas with the little bird.

Have to say, I do want thoroughly enjoy today first ! My husband is a Halloween baby so even though we don't have kids, we always try and make the celebration fun. Tonight, dinner out, then at trip to Charmingfare Farms in Candia for their Haunted Hay Ride ! Should be a boo-ti-ful night !
Happy Halloween !

deb said...

Laurie, all your projects are so sweet! I just love your style. And the wreath is just gorgeous!!

Just updated the SIWL blog with a picture from today. :)

deb said...

you are too cute - love your Christmas countdown!! I'm really excited about the holidays this year too. More so than usual for some reason (well, maybe two reasons.)

A couple people have e-mailed me about doing an ornament swap again. Interested??

Scrap for Joy said...

Your cards are great! Love the one with the ribbon and star..and don't you love the My Mind's Eye paper this year? I love how you did the wreath, simply elegant...need to check that out at SIWL and if Deb is reading this-yes to another ornament swap! That was so much fun last year. Your Christmas countdown almost caused me to have a coronary-OMG! Only 48 days? How was your craft show? We had fun last Saturday and I did fine but boy! was I exhausted!