Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wild Strawberries

Look what my daughter and I have noticed this year - growing in our yard all on their own - wild strawberries. I saw them earlier this spring near the driveway side of our house and decided not to mow them, and today the little patch actually had ripe berries on it. My daughter, the gardener, helped me pick them and has been eating them all morning. So pretty and so tiny!

And I hope my Mom is reading this post! I have been doing quite a bit of sewing lately - all on the sewing machine she gave me a few years ago. I have been buying little pretty bits of fabric and I'm having fun coming up with things to make with them. Now - I'm not a very talented sewer - but I sure do enjoy it. Here's a pillow cover that I made.
And here's a little lined tote bag. I am so proud of myself because I never made anything that was lined before!

And now I'm off to post some new creations on my Etsy site Trinkets - hand-painted button hairpins. Aren't they funky?


Elyse said...

your creations are all so adorable! great job on the pillow! even a ruffle. i am impressed.

your tiny strawberries are too cute and look at your daughter's hair! like an old baby shampoo commercial (remember those)?

nice post!


*Noelle* said...

i LOVE the button hair clips!! i'd wear one:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Laurie - your Mom IS reading this. I'm proud of you. And you know, I certainly have lots of cute buttons, trim, and small pieces of fabric that you can have. The more sewing you do - the easier it gets. I think the button clips are pretty too.

XUE said...

Careful...you can get addicted to sewing!...and to strawberries too!

clare's craftroom said...

Your sewing looks great to me !Thanks now I'm off looking for strawberries .

Ronnie said...

Hey Laurie!
I'm glad you liked my slide show. It has a personality disorder.
I love looking at your blog. The colors make me HAPPY! NIce work on the pillows and tote. Very cute.
Amazing woodpecker. I only see the small guys in my yard and I'm always hoping I'll see a big one. Lucky Duck!

Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Laurie, yes we have to stick together! What a great job on your pillow and tote, and love all your little trinkets! That picture of the woodpecker is fantastic!

Vickie said...

Thanks for stopping by:) Actually I am supposed to leave 1000 comments on other blogs, so I am not sure why the button says leave me comments. But, I like them anyway:)

I love your button hairclips...so cute. I am crazy about buttons. Use them in my scrapping:) Wish I could sew...maybe someday:)

How lucky that you have wild strawberries!!

Bluebell said...

Hello I have only just found your site my friend cottonreel told me about you, she knows I am crazy about buttons and I have ordered some from your etsy shop. I will visit again soon.

icandy... said...

Laurie, hi!!! I love your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by my place! Let's keep in touch! :)


Michele-thisgoodday said...

Such super-cute stuff!!!! The colors are all so bright and cheery and they make you want to look!! Thanks as always for your uplifting comments over at my place! :)

Scrap for Joy said...

Strawberries-yum! I have 2 pots on the deck with strawberries planted but I think a chipmunk is beating me to them! Everytime I think they're almost ready to pick-they disappear. Hmmmm. Your buttons are the cutest. I'm loving my button bracelet-now that summer is here with all of the sherbet colors, I'm wearing it a lot and getting raves!!!! Have a Happy 4th! We'll be on Long Island with our son and his wife. xoxo

Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to meet you.
I love your little birds! I will be back to get one for a friend. They are DARLING! As for sewing you are an inspiration. I have a vintage working singer featherweight in my garage that needs to be used I will get it out and have some fun! Thanks, Kim

Kimmarie said...

I love strawberries too! Lucky you to enjoy them without all the work of planting them. Your sewing is so nice and I love the hair pins. I have to go check out your store.