Monday, May 22, 2006

Just checking in

I have been feeling a bit down lately with all the things going on. Feeling like drudgery is and will always be my life. Even though it's beautiful out - there is not much that feels fun to me right now.

I found this today though, in one of my favorite blogs, and it's uplifting.

It's from Posy - ( I hope you don't mind me borrowing it!

The chasm between thinking about doing it and doing it is huge. And small. Writing is just like making things, and making things -- making dinner, a dress, a garden, a letter, a sock, a fun afternoon -- is magic. Unmysterious magic -- you just do it. Crank the flywheel. If you want to paint, get a paintbrush. If you want to make a stuffie, get some wool felt (or, hell, some acrylic -- just get some). If you want to write, get a pen. Do something, anything new that you've always wanted to do -- even something that you don't even know you want to do yet. Who knows what you will discover? Play tennis. Get a dog. Learn to surf. Crochet one granny square. Do another one. Start a blog. When that gets boring, pick something else. Leap. No one will care if you don't.

There you go! A toe touched down on the other side. Get ready to take off again; you're flying now.

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deb said...

{sending hugs} my kindred spirit friend.