Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Latest projects and models

Now that the holidays are over, I have more time to create other things and it's been fun! I've been working more and more on my art journal, recording thoughts, dreams and just whatever strikes my fancy. It's filling up quicker than I thought!

Here's some cards I made with my new SEI paper that I absolutely love!

And here's a picture of my best friend Deb with her beautiful quilt, still in progress!

And here's our newest little kittie - isn't she model material??? She's sitting next to some thank you cards but the recipients most likely have them by now so I can post the picture!
Have a creative week!


Lora said...

Hello there. just found you via "love, Joleen"'s blog!
Love the top picture!! FUN!!

deb said...

who's that girl?? I love your art journal. So creative. I'm so glad you're doing one.. it's so you.