Friday, October 26, 2007

Pay It Forward

Here is a wonderful little celebration of giving that I signed up for at Faerie Window. Thank you, Lori, for passing on the great idea! I even stole your wording here - hope you don't mind!
I have agreed to make a little hand~crafted item for three people who agree to do the same on their blog to "Pay it Forward"... The first three comments to this post who agree to do this will continue the chain of giving:

1. You comment on this post.

2. You receive a handmade gift from ME.

3. You post this message on YOUR blog and offer a handmade gift to the first three who comment

4. Thus, the cycle continues and everyone has fun and beautiful crafts to display in their home.

I will contact you for your addresses. Let's spread the handmade love! ~ Laurie


Eva said...

I would like to join, so if possible I am in .)

LaurieStar said...

Eva -

You left no blog address or email address - if you are reading this, leave me another email with contact information so I can get your snail mail address and you can play!

Jeannene said...

"Thank you so very much for coming by and visiting me." Your comment was so encouraging as it was my first sewing project. "Come by again, so we can become better acquainted..Please!!"

Anonymous said...

Sorry Laurie, had a problem with connection .. here it is: .. thanks :)

KSmith said...

Laurie did you get your 3 people to participate? contact me if you would like another participate...