Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Musings

What a stellar, beautiful Memorial Day we had here today in my very small town. The weather was absolutely perfect - a dry, sunny day in the 70's with dappled sunshine and breezes ruffling my white curtains. I love these kind of days. And living close to the center of town, we have the good fortune of the parade passing right by our house! Our neighbor's son plays taps on his bugle, and kids we know all march in the parade. Here's a shot of my tall sweet son and pretty little flag waver.

And here's some of the brave veterans that march every year. I always get a bit choked up on Memorial Day.
And look at this! I won a fabulous Mother's Day gift giveaway from the very sweet Noelle. She sent me a huge box - with a beautiful Mother's Day card, a cd, spa treatment stuff - the works! I love it all - thank you Noelle! Go check out her site: Lil Bits and Pieces of Me and you will make a new friend in a day!

And here's what I saw tonight out on our lawn. Our motion activated light was coming on with the whipping of the American flag in the wind. And I saw this fluttering around. A Luna Moth. Never seen one close up but it was big - nearly 4 or 5" across I would say. I think it's an omen of good things to come!
Here's some new Etsy items added this week in my Trinkets shop. Hope you all had a glorious Memorial Day!


*Noelle* said...

holy cow, thats a real moth?? never seen one of those; thank goodness cause i would have screamed!! not a fan of bugs!! lol

glad you love your give-away goodies:)

the kids look very cute! we missed our parade; the kids slept in for once, yahoo!!!

deb said...

I love that picture of Noah and Chloe raising the flag. Sounds like you all had a really nice weekend. The weather was gorgeous, wasn't it?!

As I'm writing this my little guy is walking. Yesterday he was taking 4 and 5 steps and today it's 8 and 10. Think he'll be fully walking by the end of the week. :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

so glad you had a good weekend...we sure did! : )
Your creations are as cute as ever and I loved the pic of the Luna Moth!

debsea said...

thank you for your comments on my blog - you make my day! i'm chicken about the etsy shop - i spend hours looking at everyone else''s such a big world out there! but maybe i should give it a try... i love your blog, i was born in massachusetts & lived on the east coast until moving to alaska when i was 12. we spent every summer in portsmouth & the white mountains. i still have scars on my knees from floating down the russian river. i miss the parades on memorial day, and the smell of geraniums! thanks again!

XUE said...

what a fabulous looking moth! It looks like a fallen leaf! And I love this post about a parade in yr little town - it sounds so cosy!

Elyse said...

hi laurie,

adorable pic of the kiddies at the parade, fabulous goodies from your win, and your usual pretty and whimsical designs for your shop!

i was just over at lucky girl gifts. definitely consider a giveaway. you will draw lots of attention to your sweet blog and wonderful shop!

i was just reading about some free-staters in NH in trouble for having a puppet show without a license. the photo made me LOL! it was on yesterday.

happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,
I followed you from SIWL - great to catch up and see how you and your family are doing.
Love that moth, love all your Etsy work!
Shell (from SBO)

Sandy Michelle said...

What lovely Memorial Day pix! Congrats on winning the give-away! You make the cutest things :)

Sandy xox

Ann said...

Nice trinkets...

And the kids look really enjoying Memorial veterans marching...perfect.

Nice place you live in...and the moth is adorable...I never thought I would ever get to say that.

*Noelle* said...

hi hun! i just wanted to let you know that i made my blog private; so i need to add you with your email. will you send it to me?? my email is:


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