Monday, October 05, 2009

Stopping to Count My Blessings

Hey everyone - I am feeling a little sentimental tonight and emotional for some reason and just wanted to post to see if anyone was out there! I feel like fall is whipping by and I just can't catch five minutes of time to enjoy it. Fall is my favorite season and it's just so beautiful here in New England. I am spoiled!

Here's some funny pictures of my two kids participating in the Harvest Fest Corn eating contest a week ago! Neither of them won, but it sure was fun to watch them gobble up corn as fast as they could. I am super blessed to have such wonderful kids.

Later we went to see the fireworks and I snapped this photo of my hubby and daughter. It's one of my favorites. It was a super relaxing evening and we just don't get many of those with everyone's busy schedules. So looking at this makes me feel good.
I hope you're all enjoying the fall and taking time with your dear family and friends. :)


beedeebabee♥ said...

Hey Laurie! I'm out here!!! I was just about to shut my computer for the night, when I saw your post come up. What a cute family you have! I feel the same way, a bit bogged down, with so much to do, and time is just flitting by too fast! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Any ideas on how we can slow the days down??? If you think of something, let me know =D Hugs, Paulette

icandy... said...

Hi there, sweet Laurie.......I'm out here for you, too! Take a deep breath and just try to sit back and get lost in the wonderful crisp days. I can imagine how busy you must be.... hang in there~ it'll get better. Take some time out for yourself and enjoy that beautiful family of yours!!!!!!!!!!!
Love and hugs!

Scrap for Joy said...

I know exactly how you feel my friend! How did it get to be October already and I can feel it slipping by so quickly. You're right about my traveling-I need to stick my butt in a chair in my studio and just crank out things for the 2 craft fairs I'm doing in November. I don't know how I missed your last 2 posts! Congratulations on your features-I'm not a bit surprised! Your work just keeps getting better and cuter all the time. I love my trinkets! Thank you for your kind comments about the SIWL pumpkin project. It means so much coming from you! You made my day Laurie!

clare's craftroom said...

I'm here ! I'm so glad I was otherwise I'd miss those gorgeous photos ! Enjoy the time with your lovely family , take care .

Bluebell said...

Hi Laurie, so sorry I was'nt out there when you needed a friend but I am now. I think we all get those feelings from time to time. I was a little like that when preparing goods to sell at my daughters fundraising so much to do and time does flash by but, enjoy those beautiful kids they are so precious and any time spent with them is well spent. Take care now God Bless, Jillxxxx

Anonymous said...

We are out here girl...and feeling the same way sometimes ;-) I get all gooey eyed quite frequently these oldest is getting ready to turn 9...where does the time hoo! Cute photos, it looks like they had fun eating the corn, tee hee. And your daughter looks like your husband in that picture, so cute. My baby looks just like daddy too.

Jamie :)
p.s. let's try and relax a bit to enjoy this beautiful fall weather. It's my fav season too :)

solomi558 said...

bluebell ask me to stop by and give you a hug. Well, hug, sqeeze , kissy kissy. we are all here for each other, It,s a pity there isn,t a buzzer on our comp,s and laptops that tells us there is someone who needs nurturing much love-----cottonreel

Elyse said...

hi laurie,

i completely get it. i LOOOOOOOVE the fall and i want things to slow down. we have some house projects to do over the long weekend but i want to make sure we fit it some apple picking, baking and a nice fire in the fire pit. i love the smells and sights of fall. sigh.

adorable pics!


Tiedupmemories said...

Your family pictures are just darling! It is a good thing to take time and enjoy our family! So much always going on that time passes by! Glad to see you are taking the time! It's definately something my family and I need to do! I plan on going up to the mountains for a day trip to see the changing of the leaves and maybe catch a fall festival with the family! I love this season too!!

debsea said...

hi laurie - i so remember feeling the same way. for so many years it seems i flew from work to dance studios to football games to swimm meets, and never got dinner on the table til 8 pm every day...suddenly i'm down to only one child, who is now driving...and now that i can put dinner on the table at a normal time, they are all grown up and gone!! it's nuts!
the ticket i think is to enjoy each minute as it comes, and don't wish any away. you have a great family! love when you share your kids with us! and your art!
and, i am finishing 3 different mermaid pieces, i'll email photos to you so you can have your pick :)

deb said...

My dearest friend, I always think of you when I count my blessings. I miss you so much some days. I feel like I'm living a whole new life and I love it but miss not being able to see you all the time too. Sending great big hugs!

Kimmarie said...

The days are flying by. Take time to sit in the grass with your daughter again. Looks like you all had fun. I am happy that the temps will be in the 70s for the next couple days. It got real cold too fast. I am hoping for a Halloween that is not too cold so the kids can show off their costumes. Enjoy your time.

XUE said...

Hi Laurie! Such lovely pics of your loving family! I love autumn too & miss those weekend drives admiring Indian Summer in New England ! I truly enjoy our email exchanges too & even more so, when I know you're a hectic crafty mom with much going on.

i cant sew said...

isnt is funny...i am on long service leave for 9 weeks and being a teacher it means that i will have over 16 weeks off in a row...and i have never been busier!! no wonder i feel like a mad woman when i am working and trying to run a household. it is so nice just to relax, i am looking forward to boxing day as we head to the coast for 10 days!! love your halloween tags

deb said...

Update your blog girl. :) I love looking at your fam but some of your new projects would be nice too. :) :)