Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Musings

What a stellar, beautiful Memorial Day we had here today in my very small town. The weather was absolutely perfect - a dry, sunny day in the 70's with dappled sunshine and breezes ruffling my white curtains. I love these kind of days. And living close to the center of town, we have the good fortune of the parade passing right by our house! Our neighbor's son plays taps on his bugle, and kids we know all march in the parade. Here's a shot of my tall sweet son and pretty little flag waver.

And here's some of the brave veterans that march every year. I always get a bit choked up on Memorial Day.
And look at this! I won a fabulous Mother's Day gift giveaway from the very sweet Noelle. She sent me a huge box - with a beautiful Mother's Day card, a cd, spa treatment stuff - the works! I love it all - thank you Noelle! Go check out her site: Lil Bits and Pieces of Me and you will make a new friend in a day!

And here's what I saw tonight out on our lawn. Our motion activated light was coming on with the whipping of the American flag in the wind. And I saw this fluttering around. A Luna Moth. Never seen one close up but it was big - nearly 4 or 5" across I would say. I think it's an omen of good things to come!
Here's some new Etsy items added this week in my Trinkets shop. Hope you all had a glorious Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Etsy Shop Featured on the Everyday Scrapper Blog!

Hi Girls - I'm super excited today because my little Etsy shop was featured on a very cool scrap site called: The Everyday Scrapper.
The woman who approached me, Catherine - created some really great layouts using some of my stuff. It's very gratifying to see things you've created used by others. And she is so super nice. You have to go check out the site - The Everyday Scrapper and tell her I sent you!
Here's a layout she did using Trinkets merchandise!
And here's a little felt birdie I made this week. He isn't real but the one below is!
I got this very cool hummingbird feeder as a Mother's Day gift from my Mother-in-law. Isn't it neat? And on the first day I put it up, we had many birds come! I couldn't believe it. And don't ya know I was standing right there, of course, ready to snap a picture??? :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I just had to post about these cute little dollies my daughter and I made. I saw them online with a tutorial here: Clothespin Doll. I was immediately smitten with them and had to try making them. We finished a few and my daughter literally carried hers with her everywhere today - to the store, in the car - outside planting flowers. I was amazed that something so small and handmade would entertain her for so long.

They also fit perfectly inside our dollhouses. (Yes - I said dollhouses - plural. We have THREE dollhouses!) Check out the big terrifying tiger in the living room!