Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Time for a new post

Hello everyone! I haven't posted because I just haven't had the time or felt that I had anything worthwhile to say, but I think my blog is lonely!

We had a nice Christmas - did you? Now I feel like I'm playing catchup - paying bills, cleaning, rearranging. For Christmas my husband got me a lot of nice things, but one of the best was a new Keurig Coffee Maker. (Hope I spelled that right!) Anyway - all of us love that thing - it's the only thing keeping me motivated! And my daughter loves it too because I can make hot chocolate with it. Anyway - great present. The holiday was a bit different too, because my kids seem older to me, and lately I have just been so appreciative of them. They fight a LOT but sometimes they don't and they're just super loving and wonderful. I just feel like I need to document somewhere in writing for the world to see - how much I love them. They really are the best thing in my life and I can't imagine never having kids. I don't get out much - and so to have two people who tell you they love you daily - it's a good thing. Okay - sorry - don't know where all that came from - usually I try to keep this impersonal - but there it is!

Here's some things I've been making lately - late at night. I'm excited to move on to Valentine-y things and start thinking spring again!


Carrie said...

I am glad you had a great christmas your kids are so cute!

Love you valentine flowers

icandy... said...

Happy New Year!!!
Your Valentine creations are so beautiful~ perfect for my favorite holiday EVER!!

solomi558 said...

Happy New Year from ----cottonreel

deb said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas. That does sound like a nice gift. Have to mention that to my hubby. :) My favorite gift from him was practical but I know I'll love it once it's installed - a car starter! I even got jewelry (from the kids). Cute, huh?

I love your Valentine projects. I too love seeing the change in colors after all the green and red. I love the red and pink. That little pillow with the sweet saying is darling.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

love the hearts and your cute valentines day creation!!!

how've you been?? hope you had a great christmas? the kids are cute:)

noelle ♥

Scrap for Joy said...

On this cold and snowy day in Pittsburgh-this is such a beautiful sight for my eyes! Like a shot of sunshine! The Kuerig is a lot of fun-my friend has one. So, it's the caffeine that's giving you energy! Whatever it is-it's working! Sending warm hugs your way! xo

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You make so many pretty things! I wish you were next door to get me started! I feel a little stuck right now for ideas!

clare's craftroom said...

Hi Laurie nice to see you ! Your kids sound just like mine , for some reason the fighting has settled , for the moment anyway !

solomi558 said...

Worth coming back again to see see your little off cuts. your little girl is so like you

Boiler repaired again but pipes to the washing machine frozen .In England we are not geared up for the temps, we are getting at present,--cottonreel

XUE said...

Dear Laurie,
I love reading about what's happening over there & I love reading about the kids & you & family love ... makes me very determine to meet you for hot chocolate - someday! I haven't been god at regular posting nowadays either.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Sweetie! I smile as soon as I click in here, it's always so happy and cheerful. Your kids are adorable and it's soooo nice when our kids tell us how loved we are. My sons are in their early twenties and they still give hugs and say sweet things. It never stops...thank goodness! I want one of those machines, you lucky girl! I love all your sweet creations! xoxo Paulette ;)