Friday, January 28, 2011

About Time I Posted

So... my good friend reminded me AGAIN that I needed to update my blog! It's pretty bad when it's nearly February and I still have Christmas pictures up! I have been a horrible blogger lately! I have just been so busy with projects and kids. And snow shoveling - let's not forget that!

We built these snowmen - my daughter and I - over Christmas break. And they still stand tall and proud in our yard nearly a month later. When the new snow piles on their heads and they look like coneheads, we just go out (over the giant snowbanks!) and smooth their heads over and readjust their eyes. :) I like coming around the corner in my car and seeing them every day. :)

What have I been up to? Mostly taking care of the ever-growing needs of my kids, keeping up with all their school functions and spending time in my studio with my cat, Badger. He follows me around the house like my shadow. It's a good thing I like him so much. He's also very photogenic!

Also - a lot of my time is taken up with the very important tasks of attending to the Barbie population here in my home. They all need to change their outfits numerous times, and here you can see we've had an awesome fashion show, complete with runway! :)

I've also been making piles and piles of flowers! What have all of you been up to???


clare's craftroom said...

Hello ! It's so nice to see you again !

Lisa-Maladylis said...

I have to say that those barbies still creep me out ! Yuck, all standing there looking at you. Love the snow men, I love seeing them each time I drive by your place, Joey refuses to make any. :-( nice work in your shop Laur, you've been busy busy busy ! Hugs, your sis

deb said...

hee hee. So glad you listened. :) Those snowmen are adorable! And loving those flowers! They brighten my day. I guess it's my turn to update my blog now.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

hey girl! nice to see ya:) those are some BIG snowmen!! Love those flowers:)

XUE said...

I have been drifting further away from blogging too & just did something about it as well. Earthquakes jolted me into posting!