Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take a walk in my garden ...

Today is the last day of June and we are finally into the summer here - we've waited a long time for it in northern New England. And the last few days have been really beautiful. Today it's sunny and warm yet there's a beautiful cool breeze blowing which makes the curtains dance and makes you happy to be alive.
I am so happy this year too, that my favorite flower bushes - my hydrangeas - all have MANY blossoms on them! When I first got them they had them and then each year after that they produced nothing or only one bloom if I was lucky. But this year, I don't really know what happened but each plant is full of blooms! It's silly what makes me happy!

Our little strawberry patch too is the same - doesn't look like much in the pictures but has produced many edible, good-sized berries. Super fun for the kids to pick and eat. Especially when they're out swimming in our new pool that my husband put up this year. Our summer now revolves around that - sunscreen, swimming, and then hanging out the towels to dry for the next time. :) I could think of worse things!

Here's a wreath I made today which will go in my shop Trinkets tonight.
Hope you're all enjoying your summer so far.


Scrap for Joy said...

I love hydrangeas, too and have several of different colors. Some years I get a lot of blooms and other years hardly any. Your garden looks very pretty this year. I bet the kids are really enjoying the pool....and Mama too I hope! I saw the article in Handmade magazine with your flowered are so talented Laurie!
Happy Summer my friend!

Deniz said...

Very sugar!:) happy days:)

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Laurie! Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving your sweet comment! Hasn't this summer just flown by....??? Sad to see it already the end of August. Pretty soon your kiddos will be back in school! Yikes! Enjoyed the tour through your pretty garden. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! :)

xoxo laurie