Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Garland

So, I finally finished my Paper Bella project tonight. It was actually kinda fun - reminded me of being in college and doing crazy art projects that my professor cooked up using found materials and power tools. Ha. Okay - this project was minus the power tools, but it still brought me back to that time and I couldn't stop until I finished - even though it's midnight now. Oh well.

Not like I'll catch up on my sleep tomorrow or anything! I'm taking the kids to the arcade tomorrow just for fun. It'll do them good to get out of the house for a while.

If I weren't so tired I would work more on my card swap, the family album I'm supposed to be making for my Mom and Dad, and I'd also be trying out my new awesome papers that arrived in the mail today. But I guess that'll be tomorrow's midnight project. Goodnight!


Kelli said...

wow Laurie! Your projects are awesome. I'd love to see pictures of your space! :) I love LOVe LOVE my space. It's awesome. Where in NE are you???I'm orginally from VT :) TOO Funny and my parent's last name is STARR! Okay this is starting to get freaky. Nice to meet you. I'm bookmarking you to keep checking you out ;)

deb said...

so sweet Laurie - it's fun to see what you've done with it after just seeing everything inside a plastic bag. :)