Friday, May 16, 2008

The best Mother's Day present

Look what I got this year from my wonderful husband! It's a digital picture frame! Is this cool or what? All I have to do is pop a memory card into the side and turn it on, and it displays a slideshow of pictures. It even plays music and movies! (Haven't done that yet, though.) The nicest thing about it is that it sits up on top of my desk with only one wire going down the back and you don't need a computer. It even has a remote. I feel too cool for school with this baby on my desk! Thanks, T! You're the best! He even got me flowers too.

Here's some pics of recent projects I've done. I have so many but will only post a few here. The weather has been so beautiful all of a sudden. I can't stop snapping pictures of the kids, the garden, the yard, etc. I love spring!

And here's a card I made today - I had fun at the CK Convention today and used my new supplies. It's for my good friend who I know won't see it posted here because she's much too busy taking care of her new babies... but I miss you!

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deb said...

Oooh.. VERY cool mother's day present. I got an awesome camera. I'll have to bring it on Monday! :) Can't wait!

That photo of Chloe is just gorgeous!