Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Projects

What a wonderful Memorial Weekend we had here. Hope all of you did too! It was so relaxing to just be home in our own backyard - cooking on the barbeque, swimming in the kiddie pool and seeing friends. The parade always goes right by our house so we never miss it! The kids cover their ears when the soldiers fire their guns.
The flower cone above was inspired by Teresa McFayden's that she made on her blog, My Minutia. Hers is much nicer, but I loved this project - it's so cheery by my door and only took me ten minutes to make - seriously!

And this page my daughter helped me make today. I have so many wonderful spring pictures and not enough time to scrap them all!


stefani said...

That is cool that the parade goes right by your house. Did you get good pictures?

The flower cone is so cute. I may have to try something like that. I really need to bring some color into my house. It is all white!

Love the page. I know what you mean about finding time to scrap. I thought that once school was done and I was working I would have more time but I still have not found it. It must be hiding somewhere.

deb said...

And I got to see if first hand!! I love it.. I should have asked to scoop up a little chicken wire to make one myself! :)

Sooo nice seeing you!!

Carrie O said...

Love that LO!!!!!!!!

Kimmarie said...

Oh My! This layout is beautiful!!!