Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good things come in small packages

I'm a bit late in posting both these items, but hey - better late than never, right? Look at these adorable "Petite Inspiration Boxes" I received last week from my swap with Speckled Egg. Heather does the best swaps and these were so much fun to receive from Lonnie, Jen and Tammy. Each one was so beautiful in different ways and crammed with stuff! I have already begun using some of the vintage flowers, tickets and other items in my work. Thank you so much girls! I loved them.

And here's something that really made my week - finally getting my copy of this in the mail - my first publication! I had done these "NeSt" letters for Say It With Letters a while back, and really loved doing them. How exciting for me to see them here in the new "Simply Handmade"!

Now my goal is to be published in "Cards" and my life will be complete! Ha ha! :) Thank you for all your kind comments, girls, you are all so sweet! Have a great week everyone!


Julie Masse said...

Congrats on your pub!! It looks just beautiful!! :)

Elyse said...


doing anything special to celebrate? congratulations. that is awesome!

beautiful boxes, too. that swap was THE MOST fun!!!


Elyse said...


i just laughed when i read your comment on my blog and had to fess up! what did i buy at michaels besides the glitter? let's see: a small birdhouse ($1!); 4 for a $1 spools of ribbon; a sheet of decorative paper; um, a box of 12 tiny easter chicks. i think that was it!

the michaels near my home (about 3 minutes!) was just re-done and is now one of their concept stores. it has different sections and is very groovy! my happy place!


Jeanne said...

I see you were part of Heather's Petite Inspiration swap too! Wasn't it fun? I just posted about the boxes I received. And Congrats of your NEST project being published. I will have to look for that magazine the next time I go to the bookstore.

Kimmarie said...

What a great swap and fun goodies! Congrats on your publication. Love your letters!

deb said...

Laurie!! So happy you finally received your copy of the mag. I'll post about them now too. I'm glad you took a pic of the magazine so I'll snag that if that's ok?.

That swap is soo sweet. I'll tell you a little secret.. Heather's going to be our Guest Designer next month. :) I can't wait to see what she does.

Scrap for Joy said...

I was so excited when I opened my copy of Handmade and there was your nest. I didn't have to read the article to know it was yours-I recognized it right away because it was it was my favorite art you created for SIWL. How wonderful for you to get some well-deserved recognition. (Personally, I think being in Handmade is even better than being in Cards)The petite boxes from the swap are lovely-amazing what you can fit into a small space. (But then, you should see my scraproom!)

jennifer said...

Wow, congrats Laurie!!! Those letters are done so beautifully, I love 'em!