Sunday, March 05, 2006

Circle Journal

This is the circle journal I created for the "Crafty Chicas." My friends and I meet once a month to craft and swap and this month we're going to trade circle journals for the first time. I am so excited! Even though our group is small, I am dying to see what the other girls create because we are all such good friends. I had one theme in mind but then I changed it to: "Happy Things" (things that make you happy) because I thought it would be more fun and revealing.

Last month we made altered board books -- I'm still working on mine! Ten pages is a lot to decorate! :)

Also - here's a picture of the old type drawer I bought at an antique store this weekend. I've already mounted it on the wall and started putting my rubber stamps in it. I'm trying to get more organized in my "studio." Wow - I feel like a real artist when I call it my studio. Ha.

Here's to a creative week!


deb said...

I love the tabs on your CJ and those letters on front... what a great topic too - can't wait to start on it! I'm 'hoping' we're not the only two doing it. :) Such a lucky find with that type drawer.

elizabeth said...

love the idea for the stamps!! may have to get one of those lil knick-knack shelves and do the same.

love your circle journal.