Thursday, March 02, 2006


So... for awhile in the scrapbooking forum world I've read a lot about "RAK's". I didn't know what the initials stood for and for a long time I was puzzled. I dug around and finally figured out that RAK stands for: Random Acts of Kindness. And then I got really interested.

I have always been intrigued in this (in being kind) but also about being randomly kind to strangers to see the ripple effect it can have. It's sort of like the movie: "Pay It Forward." (If you haven't seen that one I suggest you rent it soon!) Years ago I also bought the book: "Random Acts of Kindness." It's filled with ways to be nice to people anonymously. One of the simpliest of suggestions it had was to leave little bags of M&M's in people's junk drawers. What a nice surprise when you're looking for a thumbtack! It really gets you thinking.

And then I got this email today from They've been running a blog challenge for people to post their stories or to urge them to go out and do something nice for someone.

Post: BLOG CHALLENGE: It's kindness that counts... (Topic#1361573)

Isn't this the best? Good for you,! Keep it going! :)

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deb said...

I never knew what RAK was for the longest time either...