Thursday, February 23, 2006

Scrap Surfing

I just found this cute site with great products - too bad they're all wholesale! I hate that when I can't buy immediately what I see in a catalog!!! Darn.

I found it on one online store. Need to keep hunting.

Here's another interesting item:

"Canned Memories" - does anyone have this book? I mean, I love little mini-albums, and I love altering things. Just wondering if this book was worth the $$. I am bored with my current idea books. Need something new and fresh.

And what's this? Not much detail, but it almost looks like a big altered match box:

I read about a mini-album in Stacy Julian's article in Simple Scrapbooks which prompted me to check out Sweetwater's site. Anyway .... just surfing as you can tell!

1 comment:

mls-Helen said...

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