Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So these are our new pets as of today. On Saturday, my son got a new fish at the winter carnival, by tossing balls at little cups or something. Now "Nickelodeon" resides in a large vase in his bedroom. Today we got "NickToon" (original names, eh?) (You think my kid watches tv or anything??) from the local pet store to be company for the first fish. We let the bag sit in the room for a few hours and then my son and I brought the bag and the fishbowl into the bathroom to transport our new addition into his new home. I snipped the edge of the bag hoping to let a bit of the water out into the sink, but instead the fish's face got sucked into the hole plugging it up! Oh no! I didn't know whether to laugh or panic - I mostly laughed! The poor little fish looked pretty funny with his face plugging up the hole in the bag. Eventually I was able to get him back into the water away from the hole, and then into the larger "tank". Argh! Tomorrow I head to Walmart to get a proper tank with a filter, etc. Then soon after that the CAT discovered the fact that we now own two fish. Hmm.....

Ahhh.... the things we do for our kids!

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Natasha said...

hahaha that is such a great photo, I love how the fish are right down the bottom of the bowl like they are trying to get away lol. We have issues with the neighbourhood stray eyeing off my son's mouse, the poor thing was so shocked when the cat got in and was sitting on top of its cage, that now he wont let us hold him at all.

Thanks for commenting on my blog :)