Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tote-ally Twinners

So... this is my hubby's version of the "Tote-ally Cool" bag - ha! His is the one on the right. I bought this for him a year or so ago for his tools - for at least half the price of my AMM bag. He uses it all the time, too. Funny thing is they are both virtually the same except his is sturdier for all his tools. Plus it doesn't have a pull out drawer on the bottom and it's not PINK!

Are we meant to be together or what???


deb said...

how funny is that!?? I bet he wants a pink one now! ;)

love all your new posts, btw! too much fun for a Friday!

Natasha said...

I wouldn't mind one of those bag myself, they look rather spiffy lol

I know alot of Sagittarians too, I have come to the comclusion that it has to do with Valentine's, its the only thing that adds up lol. My son is born is September which is apparently the month with the most births, now can you work out what date they came from? HAHAHA